Wholesale & Distribution Information Management (WID)

Wholesalers are facing many challenges. WID optimizes your entire wholesale value chain – enabling transparency and better control.

WID is a cloud-based distribution platform that’s well-suited for small and medium-sized wholesale and e-commerce companies. WID  customers operate in a variety of industries, such as electronics, food and beverages, fashion and healthcare.

Accelerate Marketing & Sales

Improve customer engagement at every stage of the buying cycle through capabilities for everything from loyalty management to mobile and Ecommerce.

Real-time marketing can be enabled by deploying mobile sales. To improve your email, content, and digital marketing efforts. Our solution can assist you in enhancing sales and marketing productivity while increasing consumer engagement and brand loyalty across all channels.

Get a lean Warehouse & Distribution

Reduce costs, manage growth and gain competitive advantages by integrating and streamlining your warehouse and distribution processes in one “information hub” that delivers accurate, real-time information that is crucial to your business and minimizes your admin.

With WID not only can you smartly manage and coordinate your transportation for optimal vehicle deployment, you can also easily monitor movements of excise goods under suspension of excise duty within the country. And you can fully trace finished goods in the market, in compliance with food and beverage legislation.






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Industry-leading WIMS modules:

Warehouse Management

Accelerate growth and reduce complexity with leading WIMS.

Pick by Voice

Boost efficiency, minimize errors and improve ergonomics.

Warehouse Automation

Streamline processes with AI, robotics and machine learning.

Workforce Planning

Forecast, organize and optimize your workforce.

Warehouse Integration

Enable a seamless flow of processes.

About Modules

Save time and money with Purchase & Inventory Management

WID Purchase and Inventory simplifies a challenging Wholesale and distribution business challenge. It automates your buy and payment procedures and ensures that you always have the proper quantity of goods on hand, lowering your inventory expenses while ensuring that you can always fulfil client demand. WID saves time and helps you meet inventory goals by automating and integrating all of your buying and inventory procedures. Using RFID or barcoding

Batch and Expiration Tracking:

This program allows users to keep track of product expiration and order fulfilment to reduce product recalls and increase income. Products can be assigned to inventory buckets and created/edited in batches. The system includes a stock take tool that allows you to adjust and transfer stock. With this tool, you can also trace products by customer and view inputs on expiring batches.

Realize the full potential of your Contract Management

Contracting with outlets is much more than just securing coverage. It is also about ensuring that they deliver the agreed-upon business, as well as monitoring contractual loans to guarantee that they are repaid. WID Contract Management makes it easy to create and manage any commercial arrangement with your customer. It also consolidates all of your contracts into a single, easily accessible location, allowing you to successfully handle all types of contracts, from sales volumes and loans to loaned materials such as draught installations and refrigerators.

Boost your Financial Management

BizIntelligence WID automates and simplifies your finance management, bookkeeping, invoices, and accounts payable operations. Optimise your tax, discount, deposit, and promotion management, and recalculate your commercial agreements with your business partners. BizIntelligence WID helps you connect the dots, optimise all of your business operations, and provide a comprehensive financial perspective to help you manage your business more efficiently.

Batch and Expiration Tracking:

This program enables users to keep track of product expiration and order fulfillment to decrease product recalls, leading to a boost in revenue. You can assign products to inventory by buckets and create/edit products in batches. The system contains a Stocktake tool, which enables you to adjust and transfer stocks. You can also trace products by customer and see inputs on expiring batches with this tool.

Turn data into new insights with Business Intelligence

Successful firms operate at a faster, smarter, and more innovative pace. WID accelerates business insight, allowing you to better understand what motivates your customers and sales while increasing your bottom line with superior business intelligence and reporting capabilities. Using intelligent dashboards, transform your company's raw data into new, valuable knowledge and display it to the correct decision makers whenever and wherever they need it. Use data from many databases, departments, and business divisions to generate smart and adaptable reporting on anything you need.

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Get a lean Warehouse & Distribution