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Texcomp examines the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's processes. It ensures that they deliver the highest quality goods and services, in the most productive way, at the most competitive prices. BPR helps companies to beat their competition, as well as to become more innovative. Companies can apply BPR to most aspects of their business.

Texcomp has helped manier clients to improve execution and meet the needs of customers better by applying BPR.  Typically, our work generates cost savings of 20 to 30 percent. But its real advantages are reduced cycle times and increased quality and customer satisfaction.

Texcomp works with each client to assess its operating practices and their cost and effectiveness, particularly in comparison with competitors. We understand the demands of high growth businesses and the advantages of scale and scope. We create value by eliminating waste from processes, by employing IT to enhance productivity, and by making strategic use of outsourcing.


         Change Management

         Corporate Renewal

         Corporate Strategy

         Cost & Supply Chain Management

         Customer Strategy & Marketing

         Growth Strategy


         Business Process Re-Engineering

         Capability Sourcing

         Complexity Management

         Lean Six Sigma

         Profit Hunt

         Revenue Enhancement

         Turnaround strategy




Absence and Holiday: Comprehensive absence and holiday booking wizards to ensure required information has been entered correctly. Users definable absence. Many reports and quires are included as

Web Access :                                   Give your employees read-only access to their own attendance information and let them check the status of pending absence requests from home or anywhere on your network

TTAM : Software offers multiple data collection options for capturing employee time, including , Badge readers , Biometric readers , TouchScreen , Bar code Scanner

WWW.Built a reputation for itself as a complete affordable web design and web programming  offering range of outsourceing solution and international clients.programs based on the popular web
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