Customer information is entered one time and will automatically fill in when creating a reservation.


When creating a reservation, all the pertinent information is drawn from the Customer’s file. Once a reservation is created, trip sheets and invoices are automatically available for printing, e-mailing, faxing and multiple reports. A manifest for the day can provide all runs by pickup time in a summary or detail format. Confirmation forms can be customized by the user to provide formal itineraries or contracts for the Customer. Charge items can be customized by the user to itemize or consolidate fees charged.

A special routing area provides an itinerary for the chauffeur. Information can be stored for important landmarks and points of interest and major pickup and drop-off points.

The Vehicle Scheduling and Availability feature provides an on screen, 24 hour, color coded bar graph to display the vehicle utilization layout for your day.


The Dispatch screen is a powerful tool. Various stages of each ride can be color coded, and automated alerts help the dispatcher instantly monitor and determine the status of each run. You can view and edit the reservation information, routing, charges, status, assign and page a chauffeur and vehicle, and access internet mapping, without leaving the dispatch screen. Flight arrival times and delays can be monitored and updated on a regular basis. The reservations are listed on the screen and can be sorted by the Pickup Date, Time, Vehicle Type, Chauffeur, Status, and the travel destination.

LIMO supports all Windows networking platforms. Multiple workstations allow several users to utilize all aspects of the program at the same time increasing productivity and communication. Any information entered into the program, automatically becomes available to view on all workstations providing that the user has Security access. This will increase office efficiency by allowing multiple tasks to take place at the same time.

Protect your Customer’s personal information and your company’s data with a sophisticated security feature. This feature allows you to assign customized security levels and restrictions to any staff member, ranging from full access, to no access. Features such as accounting functions, cancellations and printing of sensitive reports can be restricted.

Expedite immediate payments using the invoicing feature. Once a reservation has been created, a variety of professional invoices are available for printing, faxing and e-mailing. Additional charge items can be itemized and details of the itinerary can be included on an invoice. Statements can provide your Customer’s a review of their outstanding invoices and account receivables can be aged to help collect from past due accounts.

The Chauffeur Earning, Pay and Scheduling feature allows you to set up a complete profile for each chauffeur. When a chauffeur’s name has been assigned to a reservation, the program can automatically calculate the pay. This feature will list earnings, gratuities, commissions and reimbursements if due and can provide a complete history of past runs. A record can be created when a chauffeur is available to work; a warning prompt will appear if not available. Automated alerts will appear when a chauffeur’s license, drug check and DMV check have expired.

LIMO provides the status of your fleet. This feature allows you to record a detailed profile and track gross earnings for each vehicle. Regularly scheduled service items can be tracked by LIMO and automated alerts can remind users when it is time to do routine maintenance. Reports are available for calculating usage, earnings and expenses of a vehicle or an entire fleet. Flat and hourly rates can be built based on account, vehicle type and destination. When processing a reservation, base charges will be calculated automatically. All your base charges can be stored for quick recall.

This feature provides a database for Farm In/Farm Out Limousine Companies, Travel Agencies, Concierges or Hotel Reservationists. Commissions are automatically calculated and reports are available to display amounts, both payable and receivable.

LIMO has a multitude of reports for viewing, printing and exporting. This allows access to valuable information for growth, change, and better control of your business. Reports can be generated to manage a variety of categories, including:
• Source and referrals
• Customer Historical Sales and Usage
• Financial and Profitability
• Sales and Cash Receipts
• Customer listing and mailing labels
• Chauffeur Income & Pay
• Commissions payable and receivable
• Vehicle Fuel and Mileage Summary

Book more reservations and increase sales by using your website. Reservations can be booked on-line through your company’s existing website and an interface with LIMO. Existing Customers can login through a secure web page. Once the reservation has been booked on-line, it is instantly available for review in LIMO in a Reservation Pending file. The user can then accept or decline the reservation. If the reservation is accepted it will automatically be sent to the Reservations area and become available to scheduling and dispatching.

SCHOOL TRIPS / Tution Trips / Office trips

Fixe schedule monthly, weekly, quarterly and yearly trips.

LIMO has been designed with your company’s growth in mind. When your business grows, LIMO can adapt to your changing needs. We offer numerous optional features that can be immediately and easily added to your existing LIMO program.

LIMO includes a robust credit card processing feature. Your customer’s credit card information is automatically captured and sent for processing. (Provided you Banking Network provide this facility).  This eliminates re entering card information into a separate terminal, and more convenient authorization processing.

Communication is important to any business, but communicating with your chauffeurs is critical. With our Paging and Text Messaging feature, keeping your chauffeur updated has never been easier. Immediately send addresses, phone numbers, or other timely information to the chauffeur cell phone or pager.

Keep track and provide immediate solutions to problems with a run. LIMO’s Incident Tracking and Reporting feature allows you to record any incident by the chauffeur, vehicle, farm agency or customer, and provide a resolution to the Customer for the mishap. Detailed description of the incident is recorded in both the customer’s record and the chauffeur’s file for future review.

LIMO’s Touch Log feature, can record all changes made to data, from the moment a user logs in. The Touch Log will keep track of changes made to areas such as reservations, routing, cancellations, charges, and chauffeur’s pay; the user’s id, date and time, the changed data, and the original information will be recorded.

Regular follow-ups with prospective customers enhance the chances of winning their business. The prospect’s information, details of the ride and the prices quoted can be tracked in a Lead Tracker table, and follow-up calls can be scheduled. With a touch of a button, the customer profile and reservation can be created instantly once the prospect decides to book the run.

Flight arrivals can be monitored on a regular basis for delays and cancellations, the data entry person will be having details for flight pick up and drops, he will call the airline and find out the timing . The dispatcher can be alerted and arrival times can be updated automatically for all airport bound rides. Airport departure and arrival runs can be confirmed at the time of booking up to 30 days out, to insure the flight information is correct and accurate. Eliminate unnecessary delays at airports.