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  ASIM   (Asset Information Management System)  


ASIM is Asset Tracking Software designed to control and manage mobile and fixed assets.

ASIM centrally manages; what assets you have, where they are, who uses them, and all costs associated to the items.

ASIM is a comprehensive asset tracking solution with extensive bar coding and numerous Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies and functions.

Asset Management - Lifecycle Tracking
Receiving and Asset Data Collection into Mobile Device or PC Software.
Deployment - assigning the assets.
Fixed Asset Software - Inventory
Maintenance and Asset Warranty
Auto-Discovery Interface
Depreciation and Disposal
ASIM Asset Tracking Software Benefits
  • Track Asset Ownership.  ASIM can automatically create log entries describing any changes in Status, Assignment or movement to a new location or department.
  • Keep track of all expenses associated with an asset such as repairs. 
  • Eliminates paper work and organizes records.
Calculate Monthly & Annual Depreciation Schedules
  • Support for Straight-Line.
  •  Month of Fiscal Year End can be changed.
  • Several useful Deprecation Report templates, including Depreciation for Year & Depreciation for Month reports
Scan & Print Barcodes
  • Associate a barcode with an asset simply by scanning the barcode with the cursor in the barcode field.  Retrieve the asset record later by scanning the barcode again.
  • Find missing assets with the Asset Audit Wizard. Simply scan the barcodes of all assets in a particular location or department. The Asset Audit Wizard will show found and missing assets.
  • ASIM can work with all barcode scanners, whether they connect to your computer using a keyboard wedge, USB or via wireless connection.
  • Barcode scanners that store data in memory can also be used. Simply export the stored scanner data to a text file and then import the file into ASIM.
Additional Features
  • Handles multiple locations.
  • A powerful Run Report Using feature lets you run reports using only data from the currently selected location, query, department, etc..
  • Import delimited text files and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet data into ASIM.
  • Export data to HTML, Access database or an Excel spreadsheet.




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