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Texcomp’s  new  bakery mangement software program, is simply powerful software! It  is developed with input from successful retail and wholesale bakery owners and experts, resulting in the perfect bakery software for any size bakery with any number of locations. From corner bakery stores to national bakery chains, this bakery software will save time, save money, cut costs and increase profits
Retail bakery Software

Our Retail Bakery Software for Bakeries includes bakery management and point of sale software as well as online bakery shopping carts. To provide your bakery with software that is just right for the size and functions of your bakery.

Solution for industry

        1:-  RebMan

        2:-  TEPOS

Nationwide Large Chains

Our this solution will include for multiple manufacturing plant with nation wide distribution channels,

Solution for Industry

        1:-  BizIntelligence

         2:- TEPOS

         3-:- VANS









Absence and Holiday: Comprehensive absence and holiday booking wizards to ensure required information has been entered correctly. Users definable absence. Many reports and quires are included as

Web Access :                                   Give your employees read-only access to their own attendance information and let them check the status of pending absence requests from home or anywhere on your network

TTAM : Software offers multiple data collection options for capturing employee time, including , Badge readers , Biometric readers , TouchScreen , Bar code Scanner

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